1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight Quickly

1200 Calorie Diet
1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight Quickly

One of the simplest ways to lose weight is to limit the amount of food that you eat. This sounds like a great idea right from the start, but it also has its fair share of challenges. The problem with such a diet is that it can be very restrictive. However, some people will benefit from the 1200 Calorie Diet. For example, women over 50 and sedentary people won’t need a ton of energy. As a result, the 1200 Calorie Diet is perfect for them, and it might work very well all the time.

Why is the 1200 Calorie Diet great?

The most crucial aspect to consider about it is the fact that the 1200 Calorie Diet does help you lose weight fast. However, it’s also a diet that doesn’t have a lot of nutrients. Due to that, you will lack magnesium, protein, and calcium. That’s why it will require you to add additional protein aside from your diet. You will also have to do strength training. It just works well, and that’s what you want to pursue here.

Is it safe or not?

An adult will usually need anywhere from 1600 to 3000 calories in total. At some point, the body will start shedding weight if you don’t offer it enough calories. And that’s the whole idea of the 1200 Calorie Diet. It’s designed to provide enough calories to your body to stay alive. But at the same time, it also starts the fat burning process naturally. Done right, this will offer you a way to lower the risk of cancer, all while making it easy for you to live longer. Plus, the fact that you can shed away things like obesity can make a huge difference. All you have to do is to tackle this correctly and in a meaningful way.

1200 Calorie Diet
1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight Quickly

Breakfast ideas for the 1200 Calorie Diet

Even if the 1200 Calorie Diet feels restrictive, the menu is slightly varied. For example, your breakfast can be a hard-boiled egg, low-fat yoghurt with blueberries, a cup of 1% milk with wheat cereal, banana and berry smoothie, peanut butter on whole-grain toast, cottage cheese with strawberries and pineapple or anything similar to that. The trick is to not have a lot of calories in this. You have to pay attention to as much as possible, and the results themselves can be among some of the best. Use that to your advantage, and it will be well worth it. 

Lunch ideas

Your lunch can have an avocado and salsa, a roast beef sandwich with tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise on whole wheat bread, whole-grain muffin with almond butter, some Greek yoghurt with berries, almonds, and honey. You can also have some tuna with pepper or lemon juice or a salad that has balsamic vinaigrette, some Parmesan cheese, cranberries, lemon juice, walnuts, and arugula salad.

Dinner options

When it comes to dinner, you can have soy/turkey meatballs with marinara sauce and a cup of wheat pasta. You could also go with salmon with lemon or juice, the salmon should be cooked with vegetable oil, sweet potatoes with 4 oz grilled chicken and sweet potatoes will work exceptionally well. Even low fat cottage cheese with some steamed veggies and half a cup of brown rice will be perfect. 

What about snacks?

The 1200 Calorie Diet is ok with snacks too. The calorie number seems restrictive, but usually, this is all just a number. If you pay a lot of attention to this, you will notice that it does have the potential to work well. It’s an important idea, and the outcome can be perfect every time. Snack ideas can be string cheese, pistachios, whole-grain toast with peanut butter, half an avocado with hot sauce, raw veggies and guacamole, mango or peach, mixed nuts, sliced peaches with prosciutto or hummus and fresh vegetables.

People that shouldn’t try the 1200 Calorie Diet

Just because this diet sounds and feels safe for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is. There are a lot of restrictions and things to consider when it comes to having a proper diet. The main idea for all of this is not to try the 1200 Calorie Diet if you are underweight. Also, women that have problems with their menstrual cycle will have issues; even eating disorders can be a problem here. Kids shouldn’t attempt the 1200 Calorie Diet; the same thing happens if you have nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. In case your doctors told you to avoid a low-calorie diet, then the restriction applies to you as well.

Should you have sugar in your 1200 Calorie Diet?

Although it might not seem like it, the idea here is that you can have up to 80-100g of sugar in this kind of diet. The problem appears when your body has to deal with too much sugar. Natural, unprocessed sugar is ok for your body if it’s in low amounts as it’s needed. An excess of sugar will end up being a problem, and that’s where the main issue comes into play. But with the right adaptation and optimization, you can use the 1200 Calorie Diet and have some sugar in it as well. There are so many different options to go for that you will have no problem picking what works for you.


We found the 1200 Calorie Diet to be a perfect dietary option. That’s very important if you want to lose weight or to prevent health issues. This is the type of diet that can offer you creative benefits, and the results themselves can be nothing short of staggering. It’s a great idea to take into consideration, and you will appreciate the experience more than you might imagine. Overall, trying the 1200 Calorie Diet is a good idea, as long as you don’t have any risk factors. This will help you stay in great shape, and the payoff will be worth it!


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