List Of The Best Exercise For Losing Weight Instantly

best exercise for losing weight

Almost more than 60% of the total population tries to lose weight every year. Different people try different tricks for performing their tasks prominently. Aside from dieting, there are many best exercises for losing weight but we write the List of the best exercise for losing weight instantly

In this article, we will provide you a complete list of such exercises along with their proper method and advantages. Before we shall start, let’s have a look at the importance of exercises as a whole. Exercise is one of the best physical practices that help the human body to become healthy and attractive.

According to some studies, a person who takes exercise regularly becomes healthier than the person who does not take it. He remains active throughout his life as his body parts remain in proper working due to the burning of calories from exercises. So, it is that integral tool or practice that a person has to adopt for being healthy.

Moreover, such exercises help the human body to lose weight instantly with more perfect results. Here is the list of such exercises that you can adopt for losing weight instantly and getting rid of diseases.

best exercise for losing weight
List of the best exercise for losing weight instantly

Best exercise for losing weight

Here is the List of the best exercise for losing weight instantly:

1) Walking

Walking is the best and easiest way to lose weight. It is not named easiest as usual but there are various reasons behind this. First of all, a person who starts taking exercise for losing weight fed up with these tough exercises and leaves his aim.

But in the case of Walking, there are very few chances to quit exercise from the person about 1% of the total. A person does not have to buy costly instruments and does not have to travel to the Gym for this exercise. He only has to walk at his common and usual pace because it will give the expected results at the end.

According to researches, it has seemed that a person with normal weight (around 70 kg) can burn more than 130 calories by walking only for 30 minutes at the usual pace. Also, a study with 20 Women, who are suffering from obesity, has shown that 2% of the total body fat can be reduced by walking for 50-60 minutes 3 times per week. Due to all such reasons, it is named as the easiest and best exercise for every kind of peoples.

2) Running

Running is also a great type of exercise but it demands the user to stick with his aim. Mostly, people think that Jogging and Running are the same terms. But It is not right because the pace or speed of the person is different in both cases.

Jogging is placed in between Walking and Running because the speed of a person who is jogging in his track may vary from 4-6 mph. While running is faster than jogging around 8 mph that distinguishes both terms and exercises from each other.

Both exercises are very useful for a human being. It is more tough than walking and in turn, the number of burning calories is also more than that of walking. The number of burning calories from running is more than 250 for just 30 minutes of running.

3) Cycling

Cycling is another popular exercise to lose weight and become healthy. It is usually done outdoor on a track or a road. Many people quit this exercise because of this traditional nature of cycling. As a result, they leave a perfect chance to lose weight and burn calories.

For such people, there are many training centers and Gyms where they have stationary cycles. With this helpful instrument, a person can lose weight using cycling in one place only. According to a study, a person can burn 260+ calories just in 30 minutes. A person must stick with cycling in those 30 minutes to get expected outcomes at the end.

Cycling is not only helpful in losing weight but also provides various healthy effects on the human body. It is very helpful in reducing heart diseases, increase overall fitness and many others. So, cycling should be adopted not only for losing weight but also become healthy and active in whole life.

4) Swimming

The most enjoyable method or exercise to lose weight is swimming. It also gives the human body a perfect and prominent shape by losing weight and making muscles strong. A 30 minutes swimming helps the body to burn almost 220 calories.

It is the most important exercise that can be done outdoor like in a pool on a beach or somewhere else like that. By spending some time in the water, you will be able to make your joints strong. Swimming has very fewer impacts on the human body joints that are considered the most useful feature of this exercise. In short, you can lose weight and make your body muscles and joints strong as well from swimming.

5) Yoga

Yoga is mainly used to get rid of stress and make the mind peaceful by doing simple steps. It is not considered the best exercise for losing weight. But the number of burning calories and fats have pushed us a lot to add this exercise in this list.

By practicing yoga for 30 minutes, a person will be able to reduce 130 calories almost. In this way, it has multiple features like antioxidant exercises that reduce stress and burn fat to lose weight and many others.

6) Jump Rope

Jumping rope is another useful exercise for losing weight and keeping the human body in proper working. This exercise gives a person to use his maximum muscles along with complete attention. With a prominent amount of swear, the fats and extra calories can be burnt through this exercise.

It lowers the weight as well as fats for lowering heart attack and other diseases risks. So, a person can adopt this exercise for its multiple reasons along with the cheapest feature.


A proper and perfect list of the best exercise for losing weight has been given in the above section. The maximum time you have to invest in 30 minutes per day to get prominent and effective results. A prominent amount of calories and fats can be burnt using these exercises.

The only thing you have to before starting is a strong aim and positive thoughts. The weight loss process is not instant according to your thoughts, so keep in mind that you have to stick with your objectives for a long time. You will get prominent results at the end of 4-6 months that is not a too long time for this task.


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