7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss

Potato Diet
7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss

There are few vegetables which tend to be more versatile than potatoes: you can cook, knead, fry, bake… And, let’s face it, practically everything we can do with them is delicious! That said, compared to its extensive family of vegetables (spinach, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower …) – and even its pseudo-sister, the sweet potato – the potato has a good reputation. When prepared and consumed through the help of programs such as the 7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss, you can experience significant merits.

These tubers, so recurring in our kitchen, can be made in many ways and positively influence the body. The objective is that for seven days, the body only ingests the potatoes as long as it is not fried nor those that are sold in bags as an appetizer. This is quite valid because these are usually pre-cooked, fried in abundant oil that, besides, is not always of good quality and contain a lot of salt and preservatives that make it a food to avoid, especially if we are on a diet. With this diet, you can eat cooked, boiled, baked or mashed potatoes for breakfast, and lunch.

The 7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss is based, generically, on a low-calorie diet. There is something which is repeated in almost all foods when it comes to losing weight. In essence, it is necessary to burn more calories than we eat . And with the potato diet, we will comply with at least the first precept: the calorie intake that we will encounter during the days that this diet lasts will be very low.

Potato is a food rich in fibre and carbohydrates and contains essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C or potassium. For this reason, by eating only potatoes, we will be providing the body with some of the nutrients it needs, although as would happen in any case in which we ingest a single food, there will be a deficit of other nutrients that the body needs. With the caloric deficit caused by the potato diet, we will lose a significant amount of weight.

The Potato Trick

To carry out this diet, it is essential to know how to choose the formulas that will help us make the week with potatoes more bearable. The trick to lose weight, in this case, is to cook the potato in several different ways, using aromatic herbs and spices as a condiment, in such a way that they seem different dishes when we eat them, although the food is the same.

7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss Menu

Potato Diet
The 7 Day Potato Diet: A Great Ally for Efficient Weight Loss

The seven-day menu of this technique excludes dinners to reduce the number of carbohydrates entering the body. But if the feeling of hunger is too strong, you can eat a vegetable salad with negative calories. The vegetables that make up its composition do not bring energy value with them, but the body spends an enormous amount of energy in its digestion. This includes cabbage, cucumber, celery, asparagus, radish, spinach, carrots. A summary of this menu contains:

1.Mashed potatoes; Glass of milk 1.5%Potato soup with chicken stock; Vegetable salad
2.Potato casserole; Two fresh cucumbersChicken broth; Salad of One boiled chicken egg, fresh vegetables and boiled potatoes
3. Baked potato with jacket; 100g of cottage cheese 0%; A glass of kefir 0%Baked potato with jacket; Vegetable salad
4. Mashed potatoes; Glass of milk 1.5%Potato soup with chicken stock; Vegetable salad
5. 100 g of cooked asparagus; Three jacket potatoes Mashed potato soup; 100g of cottage cheese 0%; Vegetable salad
6. Potato casserole; Two fresh cucumbersPotato casserole; Vegetable salad; A glass of kefir 0%
7. Mashed potatoes; A glass of kefir 0%Chicken broth; Salad of One boiled chicken egg, fresh vegetables and boiled potatoes

In the case of defaulting

Of course, there is always a risk of breaking/ defaulting when embarking on a diet, and the 7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss isn’t an exception. Several factors may influence this: stress, excitement, willpower, the low nutritional value of the proposed diet menu, etc.

Here are some valuable tips that will help you not to let go, reach the end of the diet and achieve the desired result.

For a while, forget about alcohol: A glass of wine is sure to be consumed with cookies, cheese or chocolate. Alcohol also causes a feeling of hunger, and that will only harm you.

Don’t force yourself to eat: If the day has been far spent and it already seems impossible to consume the potatoes, take a break. Having a snack with a vegetable salad at this point is allowed
Find something to do: “Sitting” on a diet is not worth it. You can engage in running or yoga, or even cleaning or manicuring. With this, you can also escape the obsession with consuming all the food supplies in the house.

Encourage yourself: Fruits and sweet tea are not provided here, but that does not prohibit eating 5 to 10 raisins, a spoonful of natural honey or half a marshmallow cream, encouraging yourself along the way.

If, however, there was a breakdown, don’t worry. It is enough to concentrate and not give up on a diet you started and, from the next day, proceed again with the proposed menu. Also, if you interrupt, it is recommended to extend the diet for 1-2 more days.

Exiting the 7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss

A diet with a limited intake of carbohydrates such as this provides a good result. However, it is impossible to abandon fruits, bread, cereals completely. They must be present in your classic diet. At the end of the 7 Day Potato Diet For Weight Loss, these products should be introduced in small quantities. It is best to start with buckwheat, apples, oranges, brown rice, brown bread and, after 2-3 weeks, you can now eat most of the “right” foods you earlier abandoned in the course of the diet.


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