What Is The Water Diet? Lose 14 Pounds (6.3 kg) In 7 Days

Water Diet
What Is The Water Diet? Lose 14 pounds (6.3 kg) in 7 Days

The water diet entails conscious consumption of water to lose weight. Drinking a large quantity of water can be a useful tool in an arsenal of diets to lose weight. It helps to elevate the metabolism, to suppress the appetite and helps to eliminate the weight due to fluid retention.

The water diet accelerates the effects of a low-calorie diet, thanks to the satiating, purifying and draining power of water. Yes, because unlike what you might think, the water diet is not restrictive, but a severe opportunity that allows us to lose weight quickly without suffering too much hunger.

Because a water diet effectively restricts calories, you would lose much weight quickly. From research, it has been observed that you could lose up to 2 pounds (0.9 kg) daily, and 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms) weekly.

The most important rules to keep in mind? Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day spread throughout the day before each main meal and prefer foods rich in liquids. Getting to the recommended amount a day can be difficult, but with a firm decision, you will soon be on the path of losing weight with the water diet.

How the water diet works

Since the early 1940s, nutrition experts have begun to understand and instil the idea that getting used to drinking the right amount of water every day could bring enormous benefits to physical fitness and health. They were right: water is the dietary food par excellence and is suitable for health because it does not have any calorie content, it is endowed with high satiating power, it has a draining function that helps us to eliminate toxins and waste allowing us to fight constipation, diarrhoea as well as swelling and abdominal pain.

The water diet suggests that we drink two glasses of water before breakfast, lunch or dinner, to reach a feeling of fullness much more quickly during the meal—a piece of advice supported by various scientific researches.

Research conducted had studied in depth a group of 48 obese/ overweight adults aged between 55 and 75 years. All had undertaken a low-calorie slimming diet, but only half of them were advised to take two glasses of water before the main meals. The results were fascinating: on average, the individuals who had adopted the principles of the water diet had lost 2.2 kilograms more per person than the other half of the group. The conclusions of this research were thus definite, as it showed that during a low-calorie weight loss diet, adding water can promote better weight loss.

It was also shown that the results of the water diet are lasting. Those who maintained the habit of drinking before meals during the year following the trial, not only kept the weight reached but lost on average another kilogram. Those who did not adopt the rule added more weight.

Menu to combine with the water diet to lose 14 pounds (6.3 kg) in 7 days

Water Diet

In addition to consuming the appropriate amount of water especially before meals, to lose 14 pounds (6.3 kg) in 7 days, it is also essential to follow a hypocaloric diet that prefers foods with a high content of liquids ( fruit and vegetables in particular). Below is an excellent example of a weekly menu to be combined with the exact water intake:


Breakfast: a low- fat yoghurt with fruit to taste
Lunch: 70 grams of whole wheat pasta, a mixed salad with carrots, green leaf salad and cherry tomatoes
Snack: two slices of melon or pineapple
Dinner: 50 grams of whole wheat bread, 150 grams of grilled chicken breast, steamed artichokes


Breakfast: a fruit smoothie and three cereal bars
Lunch: 80 grams of steamed sea bass with vegetables and a mixed salad to taste
Snack: an apple or a pear
Dinner: mixed salad with lettuce, onion, cucumber and 120 grams of tuna, 50 grams of whole wheat bread


Breakfast: a cup of semi-skimmed milk with cereal flakes and an orange juice
Lunch: A lettuce salad, 250 grams of steamed sea bass, 50 grams of whole wheat bread
Snack: a cup of green tea, two wholegrain biscuits with two teaspoons of honey, a fruit
Dinner: 70 grams of whole grain with shrimp and zucchini, fennel steamed to taste


Breakfast: a low-fat yoghurt, a fruit of your choice, and two teaspoons of honey
Lunch: a mixed salad of lettuce, carrots, celery, and a plate of salmon with three wholemeal breadsticks
Snack: low-fat yoghurt and a slice of watermelon
Dinner: vegetable soup with 60 grams of toasted wholemeal bread


Breakfast: green tea with four rice cakes and three teaspoons of honey, and orange juice
Lunch: 80 grams of pesto pasta with steamed green beans and two rice cakes
Snack: an apple or a pear
Dinner: mixed salad to taste with 80 grams of tuna and two slices of toasted wholemeal bread


Breakfast: a cup of green tea, a banana smoothie and a kiwi
Lunch: 80 grams of brown rice with steamed cauliflower and two rice cakes
Snack: low-fat yoghurt and fruit to taste
Dinner: vegetables with 150 grams of seafood salad and two rice cakes


Breakfast: a low-fat yoghurt, a cup of green tea, a fruit to taste
Lunch: 80 grams of turnip greens, celery, and a plate of salmon
Snack: an apple or a pear
Dinner: mixed salad with carrots, soy, celery and corn, a boiled egg, a can of mackerel, two slices of wholemeal bread

Risks and side effects of the water diet

Water is known to stimulate dieresis: the side effects and dangers of the water diet are linked to this aspect. Drinking too much is strongly discouraged for those who already suffer from incontinence or who have problems starting or completing urination. Individuals with a progressed benign prostatic hyperplasia, for example, should never exceed the recommended amount of water to be taken daily. Healthy individuals who want to adopt the principles of the water diet, in turn, should not exaggerate in order not to risk being forced to run in the bathroom too often.

In conclusion, the water comes as a great ally for weight loss. Also, water is good, but we must not exceed the right quantity. Drinking the right amount helps to lose weight effectively, but the rule that “the more you drink, the more you lose weight” does not apply. Thus, try not to exceed 8-10 glasses a day to avoid the side effects previously highlighted.


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